Sunday, March 31, 2013

Primal Possession

Oh what a wonderful day.  I just spent the whole day reading the second book in Katie Reus' series called Primal Possession published September 2012.  This paranormal story is a continuation of the Armstrong-Cardona pack.  This novel focuses on the younger brother Liam Armstrong.  Like most men he can't take no for an answer and draws the attention of the APL (that's shifter haters) to December McIntyre, the object of his affection.  The novel is an easy read.  The writing moves you swiftly through the book creating a sense of the characters thoughts and feelings.  You understand the female perspective and really, really want to smack the male and knock some sense into him.  It also sets you up for the next novel in the series and makes you want justice for this group of lupine shifters.  Every one deserves a little happiness.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Usually I end up reading about 1 book a week.  This week the book I've read is by Katie Reus.  It's called Alpha Instinct and was published in 2012.  I've actually had the book for several months but just got around to reading it.  You know how it is. As an avid reader, I always have a stack of books by the bed waiting for me at any given time.  Anyway, Alpha Instinct is a paranormal romance about two people who found each other, lost each other, then finally got it together.  In the midst of all that, they have to contend with shifter haters, crazy shifters, and just plain evil intent.  At times I found myself laughing and crying throughout the novel.  Katie Reus does a good job of wrenching your heart and making you root for the shifter underdog (so to speak).  At the same time, she makes you hopeful that the main characters can finally come together and stay that way.  This is a good read when you want a little suspense, a little sensitivity, and great sex.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Howl for a Highlander

I just finished reading a new book by Terry Spear entitled "A Howl for a Highlander."  It is set in the
Cayman Islands and matches a highland warrior with a botany professor.  What an unlikely pair.  However, they work well together.  The professor is not a wilting flower and the warrior turns out to be more sensitive than you would think.  Terry Spear does a good job of adding just enough adventure in the story to make it more interesting than your typical love story.  Of course with this being a paranormal romance it's not typical anyway.  I think that the main characters are well rounded and the story flows smoothly from beginning to end.  I also think that anyone who enjoys wolf stories will like this novel.